Card validation: "whitelist request for failed"


Hi guys,

I’m seeing this error when trying to validate my Twitter Card. I know there are a few threads on the forum about this already, but all of them seem to resolve mysteriously, with people saying ‘I got the error but now its working anyway kthxbye’. The error says:

  * whitelist request for  failed
  ERROR: Card validation failed

Could anybody confirm how this is meant to work? The details I’m trying are:

Card URL:
Name: Richard Kennard
Twitter Username: kennardconsult
Description: Wealth Projector is a fast, fun way to understand your current wealth position and see what your future looks like
Website Twitter Username: WealthProjector

Here is the Twitter account:




Unfortunately your Card markup is pretty broken right now. You need to specify a Card type (in the twitter:card tag) and make sure the rest of your tags are valid.



Awesome! Thanks so much for your help. I fixed twitter:card and now all the other meta tags have fallen into line. D’oh!

Thanks again.