Card Validation Failed


I am trying to use Twitter cards for a client’s website and I seem to be at a dead end. I have checked the documentation and troubleshooting, but I still can’t get it to validate correctly. is one website and it asks for me to Request Approval, then I request approval I then get this error…

* whitelist request for failed
ERROR: Card validation failed

I have triple checked my markup and even curled the url with Twitterbot and curl is working as expected.

I also have my own website but it just outright says that the website isn’t whitelisted and won’t allow me to move any further, Could you please investigate and let me know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.


You do not need to ask for any whitelisting in these cases, per our FAQ topic.

The Elmsleigh site does not have a valid Card type specified in the twitter:card tag.

Your personal site uses smart quotes instead of plain " quotes so the tags cannot be found by the crawler, plus it also does not specify a valid Card type.


Suppose that serves me right for copy and pasting someone else’s code. Thank you so much for your help, I think I must have thought that an actual summary goes on the twitter:card meta tag when I should have left it as is.


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