Card Validation - difference between tinyUrl and direct URL



I am using to automatically pass links to a feed @TryLoud

Whilst the card validator shows the correct information for:, the tinyurl equivalent does not work in the card validator:

The link works when pasted into the browser.

Any ideas what could cause this - as the cards do not appear in the twitter feed.

I have a similar system working on my own site @sellmyretro and it works fine - for example, compare the card validation for with the tinyurl equivalent

There is a warning about a redirection, but it is the correct redirection!


I cannot get the validator to show a card for either the tinyurl or the target URL - there is no card metadata at the page.

In the case of the second site (sellmyretro) it looks fine, but there are redundant fields twitter:label1 twitter:data1 etc which are not valid and no longer used.


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