Card validates, but proxy image showing up


Forgive me if I don’t use the correct terminology, but I am brand new to this. When I tweet a URL from my site I am trying to have an image from the post show up, but just the proxy image show up. I have validated it with the card validator and it says it is whitelisted and I get the following response: INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 24 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully.
But still the proxy image shows up. Here is the link I am trying to include in the tweet: There are two images in the post. I am using a Wordpress blog. Here is a link to my robot.txt file:

While I am here, it says I am whitelisted for the summary large image card, any idea how I just have it use the small image?

* is whitelisted for summary_large_image card