Card validated. No errors. Link works, but showing different picture and summary


I have looked around, but I haven’t found any solution.

I have cards validated for my site ( and I don’t get any errors or warnings when I preview the card. The link works just fine and bring to the right post, but the rest is wrong. Picture and summary is from a different post. Each time a different one, just a random one from the site.

E,g, The card for shows the picture and summary of

I’ve activated/deactivated SEO by Yoast and JM Twitter Cards but I got the same results for both of them.

Any tip?


This is probably related to cached data showing outdated information for your URLs.


The problem started more than one week ago, so I guess they have crawled since then.

It happens to almost every tweet. Is there a way to fix it automatically? If not, I’ll have to give up the cards. :frowning: