Card Validated, but preview seems incorrect?


Card appears validated and whitelisted, but I’ve set a large summary image, and I seem to get a different type of card, with no image pulling through. Any ideas?


Did you change from a summary to a summary_large_image and try validating in between?

I’m a little confused as to why there’s no image, but I suspect that the crawler cached a previous version of the post. Per the troubleshooting guide, this may take a few days to clear.


I have this exact same problem with my URL ( The image never appears even though it appears properly referenced in the source code. I’ve tried the bizarre tactic of using URLs listed in the docs to bust the cache, but to no avail. The robots.txt on the CDN should allow the Twitterbot as far as I can tell.


I didn’t make any changes, in fact, I didn’t know that the card or domain was whitelisted until I checked into a plugin (Yoast) and then ran it through the validator. I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days.


@Saverocity @andypiper we’ve been seeing similar reports from our users for links

Here’s what the validator is showing for us:

When you click into it, we then see the video as expected, but it requires a click it seems.

Here is an example video url.

This was validated and approved last summer and I think has been working well until this past week or so.

I’d love to help provide any extra details or help in reproducing this. And if there’s any extra twitter card meta data we should be providing, we’d be super happy to adjust that.

Validated Twitter Card Preview for Video not properly displaying?