Card used to work now doesn't


Our cards used to work, but now they don’t. Does the image have to be on the same domain as the posting?

The cards used to work and the stopped working and sometimes they work when other people post. I’ve run it through the validator and get the following error: ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout, which I’ve seen means something is not connecting properly, but that doesn’t make sense as Facebook and other sites are having no problem reading the files.

Thanks for the help!


The image does not have to be on the same domain, but the domain that is is on must not block the Twitter crawler from fetching the images. In this case, does indeed block all user-agents.


How does the robots.txt disallow all user-agents? The disallow is blank. Also, if you notice above it works great. No other site is seeming to have an issue except Twitter. Would a blank robots.txt be better? Or should I add Twitter specific user-agent? - if you look at that link it shows

User-agent: Twitterbot

As being allowed, which is what I have.


I’m sorry, you’re quite correct and I didn’t look carefully enough at that earlier :confused: you’re fine on that URL and robots file.

It looks like a network timeout issue reaching your IP address from our crawler at the moment. Is there any chance that your host might have blocked Twitter’s IP range for any reason? If it is not that, it could be a temporary routing issue.


We have nothing blocked. Again, what is strange is that when other people have shared our posts it works.

It was a day after, but as you can see what url it worked, the next it didn’t.

Thanks again.


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