Card_URI Response attribute showing as an invalid url format



As of few hours ago, we started noticing that CARD_URI response attribute is populated with a value with following format: card://xxx (when creating website cards). What’s with the new format ? and why is it so different with “preview_url” format (i.e., https://cards…") ?

The migration guide (Ads API Version 2) mentioned that not all cards supports this “card_uri” attribute. May I know what are those cards ?




I believe this is related to this change just announced.


Good question, @amri_hidayat.

We’re moving toward supporting card_uri exclusively, but taking it in steps. When we launched v2, the only card to support card_uri was the video website card.

Website cards now support card_uri, too. Additional details here. Note that you can still use preview_url as you previously did; to use card URI values, use the card_uri parameter.



As a reminder, to use the card URI value, use the card_uri parameter with either the POST accounts/:account_id/tweet or the POST statuses/update1 endpoint. It is still possible to use preview_url by appending the URL to the Tweet text.

From the POST statuses/update documentation, it didn’t mentioned anything about card_ui. Could you clarify ?


It’s not yet documented for that endpoint, but the parameter exists.