Card twitter:image having problem generating some images


We noticed twitter cards showing up in our feeds today. Awesome.
We’re seeing one occasional issue. In some cases, the thumbnails aren’t being created and result in a broken image placeholder within the tweet.

I’ve been looking for issues in our meta tags, but everything is identical between the image that do and don’t work. I seem to be able to resolve the issue by revisiting the “details” tweet page a few times.

Example url that didn’t work:
We had to reload the page a few times for the thumb to get generated properly.

All my images in the twitter:image meta are 800px wide, though the heights vary.

Hope this helps,
Frank Panko


Works for me. Are you still seeing the same problem?


Hi our image it doesn’t appear in our tweets spite of being validate it



Run your meta tag values through the validator, I would bet you a shiny quarter you get an error similar to “Unable to get proxy image.” A few of us are getting this…


Thank you for your answer Mike but no the validator tool it is not reporting any issue ( everything it is in green) but the image doesn’t appear


Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same problem.


it appears now. I just re-freshed.

often, this helps:


I’m having this problem too… any solution?
I tried add extra parameter at the end of my image URL and get the same results