Card Preview does not match Actual Tweet



Our application builds redirection and landing page links that are sent to Twitter. The links from our application have been tested here:

The card previews are shown correctly on the validator site, but are not displayed the same when the link is actually included in a Tweet.

Please advise how to resolve this issue. This is a problem because our application also provides a preview of how the Tweet will be displayed. We need to be able to confirm the behavior/presentation of Twitter cards when a link from our application is included in a Tweet. I can provide a sample link from our application if necessary.


We definitely need a sample URL in order to assist. There are a variety of experiments in play at any time that may produce variations in how cards may appear.


redirection link:


You have a YouTube link included as a player card. This is correctly shown in the validator as a preview in the timeline (and appears the same on Twitter), and expands to a playable video in the Tweet detail view.


Here’s a post using the same link that looks different from the preview in the validator:

Does the post have to be made a certain way in order for the preview to appear as it does in the validator?


That Tweet has an image attached to it. The image will always take precedence over the card at the URL you’re linking to.


Ok thanks for the quick responses! I’ll check to see how we can send the tweet without the image attachment.


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