Card issue: NOT_FOUND image_media_id value


Hi everybody, We are having some random problems publishing certain campaigns for Twitter and we want to profit from your wisdom and experience.

The case is that we are trying to publish a campaign that has a website card, and we are sending the image_media_id as the parameter for the card (this id we extract from Twitter’s response to after uploading the image at Twitter). When we do this, we receive an error message:

“error”:[{“code”:“NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“1034441989754896384 was not found”,“parameter”:“image_media_id”}],

Just to clarify, this problem only appears when we try to publish this type of campaign for this specific account. We have no problem in publishing campaigns with the same parameters/type for other accounts.

Is it possible that we are receiving this error message because we have not “anchored” this resource/media to the media library of the account we are trying to publish this campaign (with a card) for?

based on:

In general the process that we do is: we upload resources (images, gif or videos) in Twitter and we receive a response like the one posted below:

“media_id”: 961587887656525800,
“media_id_string”: “961587887656525825”,
“media_key”: “7_961587887656525825”,
“size”: 36474082,
“expires_after_secs”: 86399,


Immediately after that to publish the campaign with the card we define the parameter in image_media_id:961587887656525825. We have even tried image_media_id=7_961587887656525825. None of the Id’s are recognized as valid.

Can you provide any help and guidance in this. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Best,


Thanks for the question, @marto1689.

I’m not able to find the specific media ID you’re referencing, so if you have a more recent example, that’d be helpful.

What is likely going on is that when you’re trying to create the website card, the user who owns the ads account does not have access to that media asset. Please take a look at this post for a walkthrough on dealing with these type of issues.

For videos specifically, please take note of this post on the attributable_user_id parameter.


Thanks @juanshishido, the lint to post was very helpful to me, I understand and clarified my issue and get a solution. I recommend you the information in that post be in official ads documentation for new developers.



Glad to hear it, @marto1689! Good suggestion, too. We definitely want to help make it easier for developers to use the Ads API. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you!


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