Card is validated, but is not showing


Hello. I’ve made all the necessary metatags for cards working. Validator said that my site is fine and my card displayed properly. However, when I’m trying to tweet any link, card is not showing.

demo link:

can you give me some advices?


Unfortunately I’m not able to ping or reach your site at the moment, and neither is the card validator.


Well, ping is blocked by firewall, it should not be able to ping. However, site is up and working, you could check it with services like downforeveryoneorjustme etc.


Weird, started working for me! Sorry for that confusion.

Hmm. At the moment I’m not sure why the Card is not showing. Current guess is that it might be because you have encoded quote characters " inside your title and description tags, which could be confusing the Cards generator.


Hm, Now I removed any kind of html, quotes etc from tags. But nothing changed :frowning:

UPD# Nevermind, donno how, but it’s fixed for now.