Card Image stopped showing


Hi guys,

We had twitter cards on our website for years now and never had a single issue. Since 4 days ago the images in the cards stopped working all together.

The twitter card validator is not throwing an error at all, so we are a bit lost:

This is an example url from the website:

Any ideas?

Thank you!


Hi @wodlander, your twitter:image meta tag is not absolute (missing the root domain). This has always been a requirement, so maybe something happened in your CMS in the way the image URL is output.


Hi @joncipriano,

I thought that would be the case, but it has been like that for the last 3 years. We have a custom cms and I myself generate the photo url output, so something must have changed.

Thanks for the quick reply though, all fixed. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m experiencing the same issue as the OP. When I validate my website, the image doesn’t appear. But when I validate an article from my website it works okay.

However, the biggest problem is that lead images from my website do not appear on my Twitter homepage when I post say from Safari share sheet.


Your main website does not contain an information about an image for the Twitter card (twitter:image), but your article pages do. What you’re seeing is the expected behaviour.

The images will not appear in the share sheet itself, but should appear in the Tweet card when it is rendered. Can you provide example Tweet IDs where this is not the case?


Hi, thanks for your reply. After placing some code in my blog, it seems the problem is addressed. I didn’t realize that Twitter card does not contain an image for website. And yes now it’s working for blog posts.