Card image not getting validated


hi, I am unable to validate my twitter card image. Its giving an error ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.

Can some one help !


We’re not able to help without being provided the URL where you have valid card markup. You should also make sure to review the FAQ and troubleshooting topic.


hi, for now i am just trying to understand what this error means and why i am unable to validate the twitter card


It means that the fetcher is unable to reach or access your site, mostly likely due to a DNS resolution or other network lookup failure, but also possibly due to IP filtering or blocking of the Twitterbot user-agent.


hey andy, can you please sggest the action item, what am I supposed to do to verify my twitter image card …


Nothing I can help with really, it seems to be a network issue here.


can you help once your back in network…


Sorry, to clarify - I meant that the fundamental problem is that your network / server is not reachable by our crawler, for some reason. I can’t do much to change that unfortunately.

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