Card image can't fetch by validator


Description of issue:
Twitter card image can’t fetch by the validator or twitter

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Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]: I checked all of the steps. But didn’t help.

Does anyone know what is the issue?


Player Card passing validation but not showing properly


Could anyone help me? I’m struggling with this issue.

#3 is reporting a DNS exception here, so the image cannot be loaded.


Thank you very much, Is there any detail of the exception? The image url ( works fine here.


@andypiper I contacted Azure support team for the issue, they need this info:

  1. The entire screenshot of the error that is occurring
  2. If possible could you please capture fiddler traces when the error occurs

Mind you post them here? Or is there any way that I could reproduce the exception in my end?


@andypiper The DNS provider says it is an issue with CDN provider and vice versa! I need some details of the exception to give them. I need your help because I couldn’t reproduce it myself.

Thank you


Unfortunately the only information I have probably will not be very useful to you as it is an internally reported message:

    status:UnresolvedAddress raised a DNS exception. 

That’s all I can offer, I do not have the ability to get anything more detailed on this side.


I have the same issue and could not solve it whatever I did. It used to fetch or normal last month. Now I get the error “no card found”.
My site is
Anyone has a solution for this? My last 3 posts are without a thumbnail and doesn’t attract anyone at all.


Just checked and I’m seeing this render in the validator.


Thank you very much for your help.

I contacted Azure (CDN provider) and Namecheap (DNS provider) for the issue during the past days. Both of them says all the settings are right and there is no problem with them.

I’m wondering if there is a way to reproduce the issue. Is there any way to send the request to the CDN as twitter do?
I tried “curl -v -A Twitterbot/1.0” and it works fine.

How does Twitter send the request to the CDN?


Hi Andy,

I got another email from Azure team: “As discussed in previous mails, as the CDN Endpoint is working as expected in all the browsers and delivering the required content and Since the custom domain endpoint is not working as expected this should be further analyzed by the Twitter team /DNS provider.”

I’m going to contact DNS provider again. But I have to give them a way to reproduce the issue. We need to know how Twitter send the request. Because, the CDN responses well in any other situations like browser, CURL, facebook, and Google.



Hi @andypiper, We really need your help to find a solution for it.


Unfortunately I don’t any further information to share beyond the error message I reported previously.


Hi @andypiper,

I tested accessing the CDN by another domain and DNS provider. It doesn’t fetch the image from another domain with another DNS provider with CNAME to the CDN. So, I’m %100 percent sure it’s not an issue with DNS provider.
I contacted Microsoft support again but they checked again and told:
“The issue seems to be a problem with Twitter on how the DNS resolution is being done. And also we see that the expected result has been achieved when browsed in any other browsers.”

I just did several DNS tests by several tools and there the DNS resolution works fine by them. I just found that Twitter uses Netty for DNS resolution and the error you sent me “status:UnresolvedAddress” comes from Netty.

It seems there is an issue (or conflict with our DNS settings) in your DNS resolution software implemented with Netty. Mind you report it to your development team to help or find a solution for it?

Thanks for your support,


Hi @farsad_gh I was on vacation for a while - apologies for the delayed follow-up. I’ve already reported this, but there’s no guarantee that our team will be prioritising a fix for a specific individual URL, I’m afraid. Sorry for the inconvenience. As mentioned before, I don’t have anything additional to report at this time.


Hi @andypiper, Thank you for reporting this to your team. Hope it fixed soon.

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