Card Generator


When i try to go to this page: It is just blank now. I have tried in different browsers and computers. Any ideas?


Sorry for the inconvenience! are you still seeing this issue? I think @jeffsand and I responded on Twitter and we believe it is working now.


I use this url and is working.


I see but I need the CARD Generator - not the validate tool. When i go to it is a blank page. Others are seeing only a blank page for that URL as well.


Thanks for the feedback.

Right now, we haven’t moved the generator over to the new format site. The documentation on Cards meta tags is available and that should get you started, although I appreciate that it is not as accessible / straightforward as the generator tool.


I was tasked to create documentation for CDC on how to create Cards and I relied heavily on the generator since many of the people are not coders. They just need to copy/paste. When will this be put back in? Also, where can i find out if a card I submit is approved now? The validator just tells me that the code is good but it doesn’t show the “Approved”. “Pending Approval” or “Not Approved” text anymore.