Card error: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out


Noticed over the past two days that my cards weren’t showing up so came to validator and every URL I try pulls back the “Fetching the page failed because the request timed out” error. This has been working smoothly without issue for a long time now.

Haven’t changed anything on the site, so curious as to where to start to figure out the root of this issue.

Here’s an example of a full URL that we’ve tested in the validator:

I can find no documentation on this specific error on the documentation page.


Still seeing the same error, so I’m curious if anyone can tell me if this is an issue on Twitter or something with our site.


I’m getting this same error, too. I’m trying this page as a test:

I am using WordPress as the CMS with various plugins loaded, so I created a simple test page with the same meta-tags (but loading no plugins, javascripts, images, additional header info, etc.). It’s here:

This simplified page also fails to validate with the request timed out error.

Out of curiosity, I copied the same simplified page to another host, and it does verify! It can be seen here:

So it’s not the code or meta-tags causing the issue but something associated with that one domain. Again, the domain I need validated is

Could my domain be on some sort of blacklist? I’ve had the host check, but they say they aren’t blocking any IPs or bots that Twitter uses.


I tried a similar test using our staging domain and the cards worked. Exact same code, but a different domain name.


Very sorry for the frustrations here. We are actively investigating these multiple reports of timeouts and name resolution failures. Bear with us while we dig into this.


My cards now validate. The host (Media Temple) were blocking Twitter’s IPs for some reason.