Card doesn't show up. Only URL is shared



So, we need to share URL to twitter which has a huge image, title and description. And we are using Summary Card with Large Image meta tags in the URL.
Most of the time, when we share only URL shows up on twitter whereas we need that big beautiful Summary card with Large image. If we take the same URL
and put it into Card Validator, validator renders it perfectly.

We are using Ruby Twitter Gem to share.


  1. In validator - Always Works
  2. In Twitter compose box - Seldom works


  1. Via API (Ruby Twitter Gem) - Fails 90% of the time


Please share the links that are not working. Note that cards usually only show in the final Tweet, not in the compose box (I think there are some circumstances now where a preview might show up on Twitter’s own mobile clients, but pretty sure that doesn’t happen on web).


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