Card data in Entities


How can developers get access to the cards via the API?

Tweets with cards display extra information - such as this tweet with a KickStarter link -

However, the API call to the status doesn’t show the card information in the entities -

At the moment, we are using a third party service to get the OEmbed data -

Is there an official way to get Card OEbeds via the API?


Hello @edent,

There is a API endpoint that will return oEmbed markup for a specified Tweet.

It is rate limited, so you should cache these responses so you don’t hit the API for the same Tweet repeatedly.


Hi Jon,

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. I run a Twitter client. I want the OEmbed representation of the card not the specific tweet.




Hi Terence, at this time the rendered Cards are not available via the API. This is partly because the cards themselves are rendered differently on different platforms (natively on Android and iOS, and in HTML on the web). I don’t know of any plans for this to change at the moment.