Card approval for many domains


I currently work for the corporate office of a franchise, which has sites on unique domains for each franchise and, in many cases, a separate site for specific people within those franchises, again on their own unique domain. We’re going to be rolling out another product soon which will allow users to quickly and easily create their own site, on their own domains as well. All in all, we already have several thousand domains and are likely to have an ever increasing number of them.

Ideally, we’d like to enable twitter cards for all of them. Manual approval for a few sites is OK, it’s a pain but achievable for 100s or even 1000s of sites, but when we allow purely automated on-demand site creation, then it’s looking more or less impossible.

Is there any other approach than manually coming and requesting approval on a per domain basis, e.g. an API through which we can request approval as new sites are created, some form of IP based approval, or anything else?


No idea here?


If all the domains are subdomains of a master domain, your work is a lot easier. If they’re all unique domains, then each needs to be setup atomically. It’d probably be best for your site creator to help out with the Cards markup, but defer to the franchise owner/customer/recipient of site to do the leg work of opting in to Cards.


We’re in the same boat. Hundreds of subdomains but they all have the same master domain. You mentioned this is “a lot easier” but you didn’t say how to go about it. Any help? Thanks @episod!


Sorry for the delay. Sent you message on Twitter to see if this was still an issue.


Sorry for the delay. Sent you message on Twitter. See you over there, perhaps?


Replied there, but I would prefer to follow up via DM or email. Yes, it’s still an issue for us, as we’re simply not requesting approval for most of these domains.

FYI, ours are totally separate domains, not subdomains of a master domain.