Card Analytics and Reporting on Leads



We are trying to report on Lead Derrived Metrics (specifically number of leads, lead rate and cost per lead) using the Ads API ( In the Metrics and Segmentation documentation, it says promotion_card_responses, promoted_tweet_search_card_engagements and promoted_tweet_timeline_card_engagements is Deprecated, and I found this notification on the support forums: Announcement: Deprecation of Card Analytics

We need to tell our users how well a specific promoted Tweet performed from a lead generation perspective, and don’t know which metrics to use. We thought that perhaps the conversion metrics would be of use to us but we can’t find any confirmation of this. Please assist?



Hey Clive,

You should be using the “Engagements” family of metrics documented in Metrics and Segmentation. Per current analytics best practices, the recommendation is to pull stats from the line item or the Promoted Tweet (PTw) level rather than from the creative (which could be used in multiple campaigns/line items).

Derived metrics like “Leads” and all other Card specific metrics have been deprecated in both the Twitter Ads UI and Ads API. (We’ll be sure to update the docs accordingly.)



Thanks Emma, We are happy to get the stats at the Line Item or Promoted Tweet level. But we did take a look at the Engagement family of metrics, and could not work out which metric would specifically indicate that the user responded to a Lead Gen card and became a lead…

Would number of leads in a Lead Gen card = promoted_tweet_profile_clicks + promoted_tweet_search_clicks + promoted_tweet_timeline_clicks ?


Would number of leads in a Lead Gen card = billed_engagements - (promoted_tweet_profile_favorites + promoted_tweet_profile_follows + promoted_tweet_profile_replies + promoted_tweet_profile_retweets + promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_search_favorites + promoted_tweet_search_follows + promoted_tweet_search_replies + promoted_tweet_search_retweets + promoted_tweet_search_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_timeline_favorites + promoted_tweet_timeline_follows + promoted_tweet_timeline_replies + promoted_tweet_timeline_retweets + promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks) ?

OR something else entirely?



Clive, thanks for your patience. The metrics to derive leads is available and exposed [via the API] ( today. From this conversation, we’ve gone ahead and updated the docs mentioned.


Thank you, this is very helpful. I have relayed this to our Dev team and will revert with any related questions (if any).