Capturing cancel button on twitter authorize page


I have an iOS app that is functional at tweeting a status and picture using oauth. When the twitter login dialog appears, if i put in my email address/password my tweet is successful.
The problem comes up when i click CANCEL on the login page. It seems I am never returned to my application?
Can someone shed some light on this for me please?


Are you using Fabric, the Twitter stuff in the iOS Social Framework, or some kind of web view? I suspect the latter.

I’d really recommend taking a look at Twitter Kit (part of Fabric) which supports sign-in with Twitter and sharing with a Tweet Composer.


As you suspected, I am using a webview. I have not looked at fabric, and am not sure how that would fit into my current framework.
I am converting from theo “old way of doing things” where there was a twitter login page, etc… so am not sure how rough that would be.
If i could just somehow figure out how to handle the user pressing cancel, I think I would be ok!