Can't validate twitter card


Good afternoon,
we can’t validate our twitter card. I read a lot of thread around here but no one seems to resolve my problem.
I use the Yoast plugin and we need to validate card like this
Everytime we have an INVALID CARD TYPE error!
Could you please help me to resolve my problem?
Thanks in advance.


ok guys… I manage to resolve the problem of invalid card type… i forgot to turn on the twitter option on SEO By Yoast plugin… now BTW I have another one problem… it says… uknow aspect ratio… I have no way to change the resolution of my pictures because I need a special dimension to work with my magnifier plugin on my website…
any suggetions will be appreciated!
I’m looking forward you reply, regards


Thanks for updating here!

Are you able to add the twitter:image:height/width? If not, I’d ask Yoast if they can update it, so it specifies the dimensions.


Hi Ryan, thanks for your reply!
I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to do it… I have to be honest :slight_smile:
I search in the Yoast plugin some options… but it seems there is no way to add it… I have also the WooCommerce Yaost plugin with advanced settings for the twitter card, but no one is for the dimension.
What should I have to do?
Thanks for your support, best regards!


Hello @rchoi have you got some news for me?


Dear @rchoi, don’t know if it’s me or you but suddenly all works great. I was able to verify my site after I allowed the twitterbot, on my robot.txt, to crawl my site. I don’t know if it has been this to solve the problem. Anyway thanks for the effort!