Can't validate twitter card on my URLs


I can’t seem to validate any of my sites under the domain in twitter cards. I always get a server error.

Here is an example URL:

My site is hosted on media temple in case that matters.

I’d appreciate if you would look into this problem.




Thanks for reaching out.

We’ve had issues with Media Temple blocking twitter access. You may want to reach out to them with the following info:


Your web host may be blocking web crawler access to your site. You should contact your hosting provider and ask them to ensure they are not blocking Twitter access by either IP or ASNUM. You can also provide the following information to help them enable access:
Twitter IPs:
Twitter ASNUM: AS13414



thanks for your reply. Mediatemple just contacted me saying that they have whitelisted the requested IPs, however, the card validator still gives me a server error. Would you mind looking into this again?