Can't upload my own background for my profile


Sign in > settings > design > customize your own

I have a iMac and took a screenshot of something I had designed in ‘Wordle’ to make as my ‘Twitter’ background for my profile. To take a screenshot on a Mac you press the combination of the ‘command’, ‘shift’ and ‘4’ keys. Once you have taken the screenshot it automatically puts the image on your desktop and it is in a PNG format. I then change that image to a JPEG so ‘Twitter’ can recognise it ‘and Twitter’ keeps on saying that ‘this is not an image, the file name is blank, (as far as i can see it’s not) your file is too big’ (according to ‘Twitter’ the photo size limit is 2MB. The image I am trying to upload is only 139KB.) Am I doing something wrong? As what ‘Twitter’ is telling me doesn’t add up. Thanks for your help!


With Photoshop, use SAVE FOR WEB. This worked for me - Hope that helps :slight_smile:


i still cant idk why? help me please