Can't update my settings. Twitter is over capacity


When changing my apps access right from ‘Read only’ to ‘Read and Write’ I get ‘twitter is over capacity, try later…’ error. Have tried it several times. Any help?


We’re looking into some issues some users are experiencing saving their changes. Even if you’ve gotten this error, after you return to the application a few hours later do you see if your changes actually took or not?


I get the same things. It almost looks like it made the change, in that I see my app moved from read-only to read/write on the dev.twitter page for my app.

But I get oauth errors on my website when I try to post to twitter. I am going through Java code and I know that code is correct well because I didn’t write it and it works for many other people that use the same code.

I also can’t figure out how to make sure my app shows as browser and not client?




Yeah, same here. However after couple of goes, it kinda saved what I wanted.


Same here, as well. I’ve tried about 6-8 x to “save” a “read only” to “read-write” change and get the “overcapacity” message.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see, until it’s resolved.


We’re working on a fix for this. Thanks for your patience.


We just pushed a fix. Client Applications Updating should now be back to normal. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue.


I’m having this same issue trying to go from “read only” to “read-write”


we’re getting this issue too. Any ideas on how to fix?