Cant tweet!


i logged into my twitter last night on my ps3 as usual but i wasnt able to see my mentions or post a tweet, my friend told me its twitter jail but i still cant do anythkng, its been over 12 hours so cant be jail? help me please


I’m having same problems. Basically, all I can do is read my timeline, and even does not not show number of new tweets. The “tweet” button is an odd blue color and when I click on the ‘search’ button - an odd blue thin square line appears. I’m not able to search, see my saved searches or see my “connect” time line. Anyone having these problems and/or knows how to solve this?


imine is the same, over 24 hours now, not acceptable from the worlds biggest social networking site, and they haven’t replied in over 12 hours, poor service right now! :@


cant tweet from ps3


im having the same problem its like the links dont work on ps3. the only way i could tweet from the ps3 is to go on but that has limitations because it is the mobile version. could someone please reply???


Use the mobile version, just Google twitter mobile