Can't stop automatic direct messages



A few years ago, I signed up for a website that enabled automatic direct messaging on my account, and completely forgot about it a few days later. About half an hour ago, a friend of mine sent me a screenshot of the automatic direct message and I was baffled because I couldn’t see the direct message on my client at all. These messages have apparently been delivered to everyone who follows me and honestly it’s pretty embarrassing… I’ve tried everything to stop the automatic direct messages from happening but nothing I do will stop it. Also yes, I’ve disabled every single app that’s connected to my twitter account so it’s literally not possible for me to know what is sending these messages.


Just a thought, maybe they have your username and password and using that to connect to your account. So maybe changing your password would work.


Hello @notspxnce - Sorry for the delay.

Have you reviewed this post yet? I believe it addresses a similar situation:

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