Can't sign in to


This is my account, I need to sign in with a client’s account to activate a wordpress plugin by creating an app for it. I can log in to with my account just fine. But when I try to log in as her it gives me the incorrect credentials error. I can still sign in to regular twitter as her but as soon as I come to it asks me to re-sign in (this does not happen when I’m signed in with my own account).

I know the credentials are right because I can sign in to with them

I’ve tried clearing all my cookies in firefox
signing in in chrome
signing in in chrome incognito
signing in in safari for Windows

clearing my cookies and signing in from a different computer. None of it works for her account. But I can sign in just fine every time as myself.


If you have two-factor authorization activated (code via Twitter app or SMS), try switching it off.