Can't share URL for page w/ youtube video



When I use a UIActivityViewController to share a webpage, it succeeds if the page has a photo and audio player, but fails if the page has a youtube video instead. By “fails,” I mean that after I select Twitter from the UIActivityViewController, the composer appears for a moment while it looks up the URL to generate a preview, but then instead of displaying a page preview, the composer disappears. The UIActivityViewController completionHandler indicates error == nil and success == false.

What could cause that? Thank you.


Hey @mkc842,

Are you using the Share functionality provided by Twitter Kit for this or are you using something else?



Hi @bonnell, I’m using Apple’s standard UIActivityViewController instantiated with an activityItems array containing a string and a URL.


Thanks, it sounds like falls under the REST API category and then and not Fabric. I’ll be moving this to the correct thread where folks can help.


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