Can't set write permission for my application



I created an app but it needs the write permission. However when I submit the permission form I got the following error message:

“You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before granting your application write capabilities.”

Then in my profile I enter my phone number. But I got that error message:

“Sorry, we don’t have a connection to your carrier yet!”

That mean I’m stucked, I can’t create an app with the write permission. How can I achieve this?


I’ve got the same problem. Would be really stupid if only users whose phone carrier is supported could set write permissions for their apps.


Please use the last form option on and a member of our platform operations team will assist you with your application registration.


@KATREyuk says : "
I’ve been struggling with this for a long time but found a workaround.
If you install the mobile aplication in an Android phone (I haven’t tested in other platforms), then you can log in the website with mobile and swap the permissions from read to read/write/direct messages.
With that I could enable in app the write part to make link blog/twitter work.
With that I didn’t had to enter mobile number.
Hope this helps "

It works :slight_smile:


Absolutely perfect instructions worked like a charm


Excelent, it works.


IT WORKS!! thanks.


@KATREyuk could you please further explain the steps to change the permission of the app. Install what application in the mobile?


Thanks it works perfectly,
It works when you connecting to your account from your mobile browser.
(platform: Windows Phone)


Worked on iOS.

Thanks all for help getting around this bonkers issue.


Worked on iOS for me too.
Safari> go to > go to your app > change permissions just like you tried on your desktop


I found a solution too:

1- Go to and login with your account
2- Open a new tab and go to
3- Add a phone number (add +CountryCodePhoneNumber)
4- Receive a SMS with a 6 digits code
5- Confirm

It works for me in Venezuela.