Can't search for both # and @


I use this objc library.

I call search api like this following with this api search/tweets.json

[twitter getSearchTweetsWithQuery:queryString geocode:@"" lang:@"" locale:@"" resultType:@"recent" count:@"10" until:@"" sinceID:@"" maxID:@"" includeEntities:@(0) callback:@"" successBlock:^(NSDictionary *searchMetadata, NSArray *statuses) {

    NSLog(@"searchMetadata = %@", searchMetadata);
    NSLog(@"statuses = %@", statuses);
} errorBlock:^(NSError *error) {
    NSLog(@"twitter error = %@", error);


It’s working if I put these.
queryString = @"#brajobbat";
queryString = @"@jobbadecco";

but it doesn’t work if I put this.
queryString = @"@jobbadecco+#brajobbat";
This will return 0 status.

But I got many statuses when I call this url.