Can't retrieve data and post tweets via API


Hi everyone,

Since 4 days, my tweet system for @NowSLAM is not working anymore.
This system automatically post tweets with the songs from radio station SLAM!FM.

The free webhost can’t get data from Twitter (not with file_get_contents, simplexml_load_file nor via the API). Tweeting via the API is also not possible.
When I process a request manually I don’t get a error message or code, it just takes a long time to process the request and after that just nothing happened.

The library I use is twitteroauth and if I run the same system on my localhost, everything works well.
So now I’m running the system on my localhost, but not 24/7.
I even tried with a cURL library and that didn’t work as well.

Did Twitter blocked free webhosts? And if Twitter didn’t block them, what can the problem be then? I really don’t know it any more…

If I need to be more specific, just let me know.