Can't register phone number


So roughly over 6 months ago I’ve tried to gain access to twitter’s API and found out I have to register my phone number. I tried that and it failed at the time. Recently I tried that again thinking for sure it will be fixed by now. I tried it through the website, the app and through texting my mobile phone operator - all these methods have failed. I’ve contacted twitter developer support and customer support over a week ago - no response. I also googled and found countless developers having the same problem for a long time now.

Twitter - you are mocking and disrespecting developers and this is just an outright sabotage to deny access to your API - why do you even claim you have one?


The correct thing to do here is to contact our Platform Support team via these forms, as we do not have access to user account data on the forums. Apologies if you’ve already done so and they have not yet been able to respond.