Can't receive Rewarded Video Ads



Hi, I followed this tutorial to implement Rewarded video in my android game, and setted up a MoPub account and created a Reward video ad unit. However I don’t seem to be provided with ads in my app.

In my rewardedVideoListener

            public void onRewardedVideoPlaybackError(String adUnitId, MoPubErrorCode errorCode) {
                //  Called when there is an error during video playback.

the errorCode returns No ads found.

Also MoPub can’t acces my location dispite the fact that I enabled my Location Service in my manifest file.

MoPub﹕ Failed to retrieve GPS location: access appears to be disabled.

but as I understand this is not necessary to be provided with ads.

In my MoPub dashboard I followed the code integration and used the id provided

also on my dashboard the test Ad button open the following window:

but nothing happen there. What am I missing?

This is what I try to implement:
but the “learn more” link returns no page found

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi @axldotm. Could you send an email to and include your login email address? Link to this ticket. Just the url is fine, we’ll find it.

We need the email address so that we can take a look at your account and see what is going on.