Can't query the POST streaming API using the "locations" parameter


Hi there,

I am trying to get a stream of APIs based on location in order to perform some experiments and see how useful the data potentially is. I am using the POST streaming API (endpoint, and strictly following the documentation. I’ve included the “locations” parameter in the body of the request as follows:


The authentication goes right, but instead of getting the stream of data, i get the following message:

“Parameter locations has too many items specified"

I’ve checked the documentation and my “locations” parameter seems to have the right amount of items to define a bounding_box. What am I doing wrong? Is it the role of my user? Is the bounding_box too big?

I am accessing the streaming API using a python script. I am happy to share if it helps.

Thanks for your help!!



Hi Diego,

Did you ever solve this issue? I’m currently running into exactly the same thing using curl at the command line.

Edit: of course, 3 minutes later I made progress. I used this as my URI instead of sample.json and it worked.

Hope that helps.