Cant make my twitch link show a thumbnail on my twitter? Please help


I copy and paste the link from my twitch page and paste on twitter and it wont show a thumbnail when tweeted. Heres the link


It looks like the og:image and twitter:image tags in the page are both blank. Have you set a profile image? That’s where Twitch takes the thumbnail from (at least I think so, based on my own profile over there).


What is the Og:image ? And twitter:image? I have a twitter profile pic and


Those are website meta tags that are added automatically by Twitch. Did you set a Twitch profile image?


No it does not. What size picture fits ?


I put a twitch profile image and it still doesnt make a thumbnail on
twitter when i tweet my link


Probably because the cards cache can take 7 days to refresh. Please be patient.