Can't load any photos-Camera icon disappeared


The camera icon on my “Compose” tweet field disappeared. Where did it go? How can I get it back so that I can load photos?


I don’t see it too, but upload still works. Just mouse over on the old place, where the icon was before, and you’ll see the tooltip. Click on the place and file dialog will appear.


Thanks, Simonovic {:^)>


I still am unable to upload a photo, I hover over where the camera icon was and it will let me think I’m uploading a photo, but it says “Oops, we did something wrong, try again in a few minutes” but it doesn’t work. Photos are size appropriate. Idk…


Our @support team is aware of this issue and working to resolve it. As a reminder, we can’t help with account or site issues on this developer site.


Im new to twitter and u don’t get how u put profile pictures on coz I went on my settings and clicked edit and no icon or picture with UPLOAD PHOTO on it so helpppp nowww plz x


Cnt change my twitter pic


Cnt change my twitter pic


Cnt change my twitter pic


Someone help me there is no camera icon at all theirs a box and the word tweet only iv been trying this over and over i hate this egg plzzzzzzzz someone i jst wnt to set my profile pic plz


My camera icon is not there at all help


Noooo! I can’t post a pic for the R5 Rock that Rock contest and if this problem isn’t fixed soon, I will scream cuz this is literally my ONLY chance to meet Ross Lynch. HEEEEEELP!