Can't invite members to my team


This is a persistent bug (reported by other users at least since October 2018) and one which affects many users.

When I try to add a member to my team I get the message

"Error sending invitation

Invitation failed to send, please try again later."

Is there a workaround to this or any definitive fix?



Do you have any luck in resolving this issue?


Not at all. Just tried a few minutes ago. Nothing’s changed for me since December. Twitter claims to be “investigating the issue” since October 2018. From afar, it doesn’t look to me like it should be a big issue. But let’s hope someone at Twitter pays attention and acts on it this time.


There are several reasons why an invitation might fail. Our team is currently reviewing this process and will be implementing improvements sometime soon.

In the meantime, we suggest for you to hold tight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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