Can't initialise Fabric after adding Twitter Core Dependancy



I was Using Fabric (Crashlytics and Digits) in my app since long time. I used to initialise Fabric instance by adding something like this.

Fabric.with(this, new Crashlytics(), new TwitterCore(authConfig), new 

Then I added Twitter Core dependency as I wanted to use TwitterUI which is

compile ''

But now Fabric can’t be initialised as TwitterCore class is now not extending from Kit. Basically Fabric’s with method signature is something like this with(Context context, Kit... kits) but since TwitterCore is not extending from Kit, with method won’t accept it. I tried removing TwitterCore from list of Kits passed in with method but Digits crashed immediately.

Note that If I Remove twitter dependancy then TwitterCore is extending from Kit and everything works fine.

What is the right way to init Fabric with Digits and Crashlytics now that Twitter Kit is not part of Fabric? Can someone provide snippet?

Thank you.


Twitter Kit is no longer a part of Fabric, so you should remove the initialisation from the Fabric.with() call and initialise it separately. This is covered in the Twitter Kit 3 migration guide.

If Digits is crashing, that’s unfortunately a separate issue that you’ll need to discuss with the Fabric team over at Google.