Cant getting started


I hope this isnt a to lowlevel question, but i got quite some problems getting started with the Twitter-API

I try to get into it with PHP on my localhost. First i just want to do some basic stuff. I use the twitter-api-php by J7mbo and got everything as in the examples. I got my Costumerkey (which is the Api-Key, right?) and the access-token. But i always get an empty result :frowning:

My Code: pastebin-link

The Result output looks like this: pastebin-link

So there seems something to happen, but i got no clue where my mistake is. Can you help me out?


It seems you are going things right, it’s just that this account is not public, or is set to “protected” by the user. A blank response is the correct result in this case.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your answer snowman. The account is mine, and it is public. But i figured out my problem. I searched for a more recent tutorial and found one ( link to the tutorial ). I used also an other php framework, which i also tried before, but also hadnt success. The problem seemed to be the SSL/TLS connection for the requests. Now that i use SSL/TLS with the certificate it works :slight_smile:


Glad you figured it out. When I checked this account on the real-time search endpoint it didn’t return anything, I guess because it was a such a new account.