Can't get Twitter Feed


My client ProStudio, LLC wants his Twitter feed on his website. The widget is only providing the Link in a text format and not the feed. I’ve tried and tried all afternoon. When I just went for the button I got a Text link. I fixed that myself through my CSS and add the Icon, too.

I am at the end of my patients now after working on this for nearly 4 hours.

Can someone show me what the proper widget should look like or tell me what I am doing wrong.

Here is the website page and this is a Responsive site in a staging area:

I wanted the feed to come in UNDER the button.


A Twitter widget contains two parts: markup specifying what you would like to load; our widgets JavaScript to interpret the markup and load the full widget.

If you are trying to display a follow button where a.fa-twitter currently appears, add twitter-follow-button to the class attribute.

If you are having trouble with our JavaScript, try adding an additional script element to your footer:
<script async src=""></script>



Yes, I understood there were two elements, but I was only get ONE part which was the button and that wasn’t working properly either.

As for the Javascript element it never appeared.


When I view your page source I do not see the twitter-follow-button class, which is required on the link you would like to transform into a follow button.


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