Can't Get Twitter Cards to Work for Individual Posts


Can anyone help me figure out why my Twitter cards won’t work for individual posts? For example, if I enter this individual post URL, the card validator only gives me a card for the top post on this page.

Admittedly my site is a little complex, but I should be able to create an individual card for each post using the URL format above. And yet I can’t. Why?

If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears. Thank you very much.


There’s only one set of card markup allowed for a single page. Your site is a single page with a bunch of different anchor IDs. I do not believe that the platform can support your use case unless a unique URL (including anchor hash) is also able to serve unique tags and content.


Thank you for the response. In my search for a solution to this problem, I have developed a method for producing a unique url that can concatenate the site’s url, the date and the anchor id for each post. Let’s call the the unique URL TweetURL. In the meta data, would I just simply replace with .


the get_permalink with get_TweetURL?


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