Can't get started with cards


Hi, we are trying to set up Twitter cards, but cannot see how to do this aside from through the ads dashboard! Please help!


There are two kinds of cards:

  • cards that are set up via the Ads dashboard
  • cards that are driven by meta tags you inset into your web pages.

The second set of cards is described in the developer documentation for Cards.


Thanks Andy, my colleagues and I did not get that information from anything that we read up on twitter cards. I was under the impression that I could set up a card via my twitter ads manager without creating a budgeted campaign. Are all cards created via this route part of a budgeted campaign? thanks, Kate


The cards you add to your own site via meta tags enable simple image and summary cards to be displayed under links you share in Tweets - no budgeted ads campaign required. The cards you build via the ads dashboard are more interactive, enabling you to capture leads etc - and they do require a campaign.


Thanks for clarifying!