Can't get List of followers in Twitter using Fabric Android



I am using Fabric sdk for Twitter. In this I am able to make login request as it’s described in its document. Now I wan’t to get list of follower of logged in user and show in RecycleView with follower name and profile image. I have tried various solutions like:

private void getFollowersdReq(long userID) {

        JsonObjectRequest getRegisterReq = new JsonObjectRequest(Request.Method.GET,
                "" + userID, null,
                new Response.Listener<JSONObject>() {

                    public void onResponse(JSONObject response) {
                        LogUtils.LOGD("Server Response", response.toString());
                }, new Response.ErrorListener() {

            public void onErrorResponse(VolleyError error) {
                VolleyLog.d("server Error",
                        "Error: " + error.getMessage());
                        "Error:" + error.getMessage(), Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
        }) {

             * Passing some request headers
             * */
            public Map<String, String> getHeaders() throws AuthFailureError {
                HashMap<String, String> headers = new HashMap<String, String>();
                headers.put("Content-Type", "application/json");
                headers.put("Accept", "application/json");
                return headers;


        // Adding request to request queue
        AppController.getInstance().addToRequestQueue(getRegisterReq, new SignpostUrlStack(twitterToken, secret));

        // Cancelling request
        // ApplicationController.getInstance().getRequestQueue().cancelAll(tag_json_obj);

In above code I am calling Twitter API to get list of followers but in this I am getting error message

    "errors": [
            "code": 215,
            "message": "Bad Authentication data."

Also I have tried

class MyTwitterApiClient extends TwitterApiClient {
        public MyTwitterApiClient(TwitterSession session) {

        public CustomService getCustomService() {
            return getService(CustomService.class);

        public UsersService getUsersService() {
            return getService(UsersService.class);

    interface CustomService {
        void show(@Query("user_id") Long userId,
                  @Query("screen_name") String var,
                  @Query("skip_status") Boolean var1,
                  @Query("include_user_entities") Boolean var2,
                  @Query("count") Integer var3, Callback<User> cb);

    interface UsersService {
        void show(@Query("user_id") Long userId,
                  @Query("screen_name") String screenName,
                  @Query("include_entities") Boolean includeEntities,
                  Callback<User> cb);

Called this class like:

new MyTwitterApiClient(session).getCustomService().show(userID, null, true, true, 100, new Callback<User>() {
            public void success(Result<User> result) {
                LogUtils.LOGI("Get success",result.toString());

            public void failure(TwitterException e) {

By this method also I am not able to get desired output.

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