Can't get images to validate for a gallery card


Hi I’m struggling to get a gallery card working. The page url is

When I run the validator it gives the green light to everything except the 4 twitter@imageX tags (0 - 3). However the validator is showing the correct url for the image in each case. (And the images are all under 1MB).

Any ideas where I’m going wrong?



Possible it has something to do with robots.txt?


Um not sure, but I don’t think that’s likely. I’ve had other cards validated without a problem and I haven’t touched anything to do with robots.txt. I’m on Wordpress and the option to discourage search engines is turned off.

Also - validating other types of cards works - for example this one I know it’s already been validated - so maybe that bypasses the issue, but I did get it validated in the first place ok…

Any other suggestions?