Can't get access_token and access_token_Secret



I am working an application requiring me to store the access token and access token in DB, I’ve managed to get the oauth_token/request_token and oauth_verifier. I am not able to get the access token and access token secret on the call back url. I am coding with coldfusion.

Recieved oauth_token and oauth_verifier now where to get access_token and access_secret?

I did a quick search for Coldfusion solutions as I’m not familiar with it myself.

Generally, I’d avoid trying to implement the OAuth flow yourself, where others have been able to do this for you. Most of the libraries will do the hard work for you if you just provide your token and secret, there’s rarely a need to build the HTTP request yourself.

If you need more information then check the detailed OAuth documentation.


Hi AndyPiper, thanks for solution you’ve given above. Finally I was able to work with this one I’ve been avoiding coldfunkoh and brianflove due to overhead making my application to be a bit slow. This code here is much more simplified, therefore I am able to understand nearly every function and what it returns. Regards: Darius.

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