Cant find Twitter card approval button


My url has been white listed on the card validator, but there is no ‘approval request’ button on that page. After may card has been validated how do i submit it for approval???
Please help!


Did the validation fail?


No. In the card validator screen it said it was successful. Please see the screen shot attached. But then there is no approval button on the screen. Are Twitter cards a feature you have to pay for?


No, you do not have to pay for this type of Twitter Cards. It looks like your card was already approved. try tweeting something with an URL that points to your card-enabled site and see if it works. If not, please give us the Tweet Link of the Tweet where the card is missing.


I have a wordpress.COM blogging site and on their support page it mentions Twitter cards. When i manually type in the meta data to the html view of a blog post and then put that link into the Card Validadtor it seems to be approved as you said.

When i close my blog and go back to the same post i’ve noticed that the meta data has disappeared from the blog post html view.Here is the link to the post containing the meta data.

I just posted it on twitter but the summary card did’nt appear (apart from when i select ‘view summary’. Here is the tweet link:

according to “Twitter requires you to first validate your site to use Twitter Cards in order to share images through Publicize. You do this by submitting a post to their Card Validator. This will need to be done for each Card Type by submitting a post example for each. For example if your post has a gallery, Twitter will share it as a Gallery Card, this Card Type would need to be validated.”

Thanks for your help!


apart from when i select ‘view summary’

That’s how it is supposed to be.


So what is the point of Twitter cards? I thought if you have a card enabled/approved the first time you post a tweet it comes up with the message and the picture (like the red nose day tweet below) so that it grabs peoples attention?


No, it is so that people get a brief summary without leaving Twitter, when clicking on Show Summary. If you need a Card that is already expanded, there are special type of Cards available through the Twitter Ads Program.