Cant embed my timeline into my website



I am trying to embed my timeline but the code generates nothing but the link. This is my code.

topcmm.extensions.twitter = {
    tip: "Twitter",
    position: "top",
    width: "500",
    height: "350",
    display: {
        type: "html",
        value: "<button>Twitter</button>"
    content: "<a class=\"twitter-timeline\" href=\"\">My twitter</a><script async src=\"\" charset=\"utf-8\"></script>",
    action: "sendTwitterRequest()"

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


Hi @superchain,

Not sure what topcmm.extenstions is, but you can create timeline embed codes at or use a factory function like twttr.widgets.createTimeline (documented here:

I hope that helps!



thank you for your answer. My embed code is from However something is wrong because it wont get parsed through my javascript code above. The html parses just fine but not the script part.

Thank you.

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