Can't display twitter widget on my website


Where do I have to paste the code? I’ve already tried to put it inside a div, outside, on a blank xhtml, html, html5 and nothing is working, I also tried to include the javascript from the twitter page on my own website. Nothing is working. Please, need some help!!!


Here’s the code


Are you working from a local page or have you uploaded it? I’ve noticed there’s an issue with the CSS for the widget trying to load: “file:///” when I’m previewing pages locally, but once I upload them it works fine.


Hey thanx, I’ve already solved this. It was exactly what you’re suggesting me, as soon as I made a web preview on my server the widget worked like a charm. But now Im having a problem with the dimensions, it doesn’t matter that I change the height on the javascript, it still has the same proportions. Any tip on that?


Just delay the display of the Twitter widget by a few seconds after the login api fires and everything works. I set the widget Div to “display:none” than after a few seconds turn the Twitter DIV to “display:block”.
var n = document.getElementById(‘col1’); // A Search Widget
var o = document.getElementById(‘col2’); // A List Widget
var p = document.getElementById(‘col3’); // A Profile Widget
setTimeout(“‘block’;”, 5000);
setTimeout(“‘block’;”, 10000);
setTimeout(“‘block’;”, 20000);

Crude but it works for me


Only thing I can think of is I have mine set to width: ‘auto’ and I have no problems with the height always changes to what I’ve set.